`Congress owes it to AIADMK'

Pondicherry May 9. The secretary of the State committee of the AIADMK, K. Natarajan, has said that had the AIADMK not supported the Congress in the post-election days last year, the latter would not have come to power. Addressing newspersons here today, he said the Congress with 11 seats was struggling to form a government. The AIADMK headquarters took a decision to support the formation of the government and the Shanmugham ministry came into being.

But now the Congress leader, V. Narayanasamy, was making adverse comments on other political parties and was asserting that the Congress would ensure that there was no Opposition in the Assembly.

Mr. Natarajan called upon the Congress Ministry to quit office and face elections to vindicate Mr. Narayanasamy's statement.

Instead of tackling the problems of government employees and the people at large, the Congress was indulging in shallow claims and baseless allegations. He also criticised foisting of cases on government staff and suspension of police personnel.

Autocratic, says BJP

A. M. Krishnamoorthy MLA, president of the Pondicherry BJP unit, has objected to the comment by Mr. Narayanasamy that the Congress would soon create an Opposition-free Assembly in the Union Territory. The PCC leader was exposing his autocratic tendency and should not forget that politics would never brook such undemocratic thinking, he said.

Stating that the Congress-led coalition ministry here had not delivered the goods in its 10 months of rule, Mr. Krishnamoorthy said the AFT mill, run by the State government, was on the verge of being wound up for lack of measures to tone it up.

Sugarcane farmers were not getting a reasonable price for cane supplied to a factory at Ariyur near here.

When mills in the neighbouring Tamil Nadu were offering Rs. 765 for a ton of cane, farmers here were put to hardship.

Listing the government's `failures', he said the Congress was not prepared to hold civic polls.

The Congress would face a crushing defeat at the civic polls and hence the party was afraid of notifying the polls.

No specific measures had been evolved to put an end to the unemployment problem among the educated youth, he said.

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