Congress has crippled economy: BJP

MADURAI, AUG. 21. The Bharatiya Janata Party today flayed the Congress-led government at the Centre for `crippling the economy' and for being `lax on national security.'

Speaking to reporters here this evening, the State general secretary, H. Raja, said the Centre failed on many fronts and weakened the national economy. In the last three months, the inflation rate increased to 7.96 per cent (from 4.5 per cent during the National Democratic Alliance rule) and the prices of essential commodities skyrocketed.

The NDA kept the prices under control. "Now the situation worsened and even the price of LPG gas increased. This only indicated that the Centre was looting the people. It would be better to look for an efficient and competitive Finance Minister."

The law and order in the country deteriorated and the Centre was unable to rein in the terrorist forces. The northeast was burning and the Manipur situation went out of control. The Government failed on the security front too. Infiltration across the border increased, Mr. Raja said.

If this situation continued the people would throw out the Government soon. It would better for the BJP if the Congress continued in power for some more time, as it would create an anti-incumbency factor among the people, Mr. Raja said.