Sir, — The Israeli leadership's announcement that killing Yasser Arafat is an option is highly condemnable. The Noble Peace laureate has been trying to bring peace in the region for four decades and his contribution cannot be undermined.

B. Linga Reddy, Hyderabad

* * *

Sir, — While the Palestinians have a legitimate right to dignified existence and a state of their own, I feel some supporters of Mr. Arafat are blind to some ground realities. Why did Mr. Arafat allow the second Intifada immediately after returning from the failed but fruitful negotiations with Yahud Barak? Did he think that he could get what he did not achieve on the negotiation table by a few rounds of suicide bombings? With Mr. Arafat in power, peace is not possible in that part of the world.

Haridas Ramakrishnan, California, U.S.

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