Concrete roof for 205 noon meal centres in Tiruvarur dt.

TIRUVARUR, JULY 24 . The Tiruvarur Collector, P. Ekambaram, on Friday said orders had been issued to remove thatches in 205 noon meal centres in Tiruvarur district and put concrete roofs at a cost of Rs.1.12 crores.

He told presspersons at Tiruvarur that a total of 5836 women self-help groups with 1,02,806 members had been functioning in the district. Ten non-governmental organisations were involved in co-ordinating the self-help groups. It had been planned to organise 436 new women self-help groups this year and provide entrepreneurship training to 803 members of the groups.

Under the Indra Awaz Yojana scheme, 662 houses had been constructed in 2003-2004 at a cost of Rs.225 lakhs. This year it had been planned to construct 1404 houses at a cost of Rs.484 lakhs. The houses would be completed by September. In 2003-2004, 616 kutcha houses had been upgraded into living houses at a cost of Rs. 61.66 lakhs. In 2004-2005, a total of 772 kutcha houses would be upgraded.

The Collector said integrated sanitation complexes for women had been completed in 430 panchayats at a cost of Rs.695.50 lakhs. Under the complete sanitation scheme, individual toilets had been constructed in 20 panchayats to benefit 3795 families.

Village roads were improved at a cost of Rs. 384.43 lakhs to a distance of 278.225 km during 2003-2004. This year it has been planned to improve roads to a distance of 76.950 km at a cost of Rs.395.66 lakhs.

Applications for getting new ration cards had been received from 65,556 persons. "H" seal had been removed from 27,317 family cards.

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