Computers for consumer fora

CHENNAI OCT. 13. Computers are being introduced in the offices of seven consumer disputes redress fora in the State. A proposal is already pending with the Government for installing the equipment in the other fora offices also.

A State Consumer Disputes Redress Commission official told The Hindu that computers with accessories, mainly printers, were provided for the Chennai North and South, Salem, Coimbatore, Madurai, Vellore and Cuddalore fora. In the State Commission, computers which were already provided were upgraded. The project was implemented at a cost of Rs.13.5 lakhs with a one-time grant released by the Union Government to improve consumer fora infrastructure. It is only now basic facilities are being provided in the consumer disputes redress agencies. Some of the fora did not have adequate furniture and typewriters even a year ago. Things started looking up after the Government released funds for purchase of furniture. However, lack of adequate manpower continues to plague the fora and the SCDRC, official sources say. The handicap comes in the way of their effective functioning.

The post of SCDRC president has been vacant for the past five months. The Nilgiris, Virudhunagar, Salem and Tirunelveli fora have become defunct following the retirement of the presidents. The posts of one member each in the Nilgiris, Virudhunagar and Perambalur districts have also not been filled yet.

Out of the 30 fora, one for each district, only half-a-dozen are located in government buildings free of cost, and the others are functioning in rented accommodation.

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