CJ turns court into classroom

Markandey Katju  

Mohamed Imranullah S.

MADURAI: Court Hall No.1 at the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court on Thursday virtually turned into a classroom with Chief Justice Markandey Katju educating lawyers on professional etiquette.

In almost every case heard by him, Mr. Justice Katju had something to teach the advocates, who were new to the High Court.

Unimpressed by the attitude of lawyers arguing their case without referring to law books, Mr. Justice Katju said: "This is not the way to argue before a High Court. You can't argue in air, anything you like. Please bring your books and cite the Supreme Court rulings. You gentlemen must come up to the level of a High Court. Apart from civil and criminal law, you need to learn writ law, commercial law, service law, labour law and so on."

When an advocates pleaded to quash an executive order, the Chief Justice read out two Supreme Court rulings which held that courts cannot issue a writ of mandamus against an administrative order. He said, "You people must start reading all these judgments and various comments on the jurisdiction of Article 226 (power of High Courts to issue certain writs). You need to work hard and pick up quickly."

Earlier, irked by a torrent of adjournments sought by lawyers since their seniors were engaged in Chennai, Mr. Katju asked, "What is the use of coming here, if you want every case to be adjourned? You people must be prepared and not depend on advocates from Chennai."