Cinemas packed in Coimbatore region as Vishwaroopam hits the screens

After a long wait:Kamal Haasan fans celebrate the release of 'Vishwaroopam' at Central Theatre in Coimbatore, on Thursday.-Photo: M. Periasamy

After a long wait:Kamal Haasan fans celebrate the release of 'Vishwaroopam' at Central Theatre in Coimbatore, on Thursday.-Photo: M. Periasamy  

It was a day they dreamed of for weeks. Fans of Kamal Haasan would never forget February 7 — the day Vishwaroopam hit the screens after the ban on its screening was lifted. Cut-outs, posters, T-shirts…Kamal Haasan was everywhere. The sound of drums and crackers rent the air as his fans danced their way into movie halls.

And when Kamal appeared on screen, fans whistled, hooted, screamed and threw their hands up in the air. Some even took photos of their hero on their mobile phones. Clad in a white kurta, Kamal, as the effeminate kathak dancer Vishwanath, drew applause for the slightest side-glance — he played the role so well. His fans lapped it up; their whistles for the song ‘Unnai Kaanadha’ were deafening. One could hardly hear the song!

Kamal’s first fight sequence had the audience up on its feet. With every slow-motion stunt, the screams grew louder. But there was absolute silence as the spy-thriller progressed.

For college student K. Ramkumar, the best thing about the movie was its technical finesse. “It’s unlike any Tamil film I’ve seen so far,” he said. The film opened at 12 cinemas in Tirupur amid celebrations by Kamal fans.

All the cinemas ran full house on the first day of the release, despite many die-hard Kamal fans from Tirupur city having gone to Kerala and Karnataka to watch the unedited version of the movie over the past many days. They did so because of the ban on the movie earlier in Tamil Nadu.

‘Tamil Hollywood movie’

“It is like a ‘Tamil Hollywood movie’ as it excelled in technical aspects and at the same time the spy-thriller retained the flavours of entertainment,” said K.Siva, a self-employed person who watched the movie.

“Definitely, I am going to watch it again as it is a marvellous work of art,” A. Govindaraj, ward 52 councillor of Tirupur Corporation, who already watched the movie at Palakkad, said.

In Erode, fans of Kamal Haasan danced on the streets holding the movie posters, garlanded the cutouts of the actor and exchanged sweets to celebrate the release of the film. They waited in serpentine queues for hours to buy tickets.

More than 200 fans took out a procession from the Government hospital road junction to a cinema hall to mark the release of the film. The screening had commenced as early as 7 a.m. in two cinemas.

“The actor has used advanced technology for making the film. So we wanted to watch the movie in a cinema. We also heard from our friends from Bangalore that the movie is good,” said S. Ravikumar, a fan who said he was waiting in the queue to buy a ticket since 5 a.m.

The authorities of the cinema halls had a tough time managing the crowds. Many fans left disappointed as they were not able to get tickets.

Bursting of crackers preceded the screening of the film in Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri and the shows began at 9.30 a.m.

A middle-aged fan of Kamal in Krishnagiri said that he felt like having watched a Hollywood movie.

The film was released in eight theatres in Krishnagiri district and 8 in Dharmapuri districts in important towns.

All the seats in the theatres were filled up and heavy rush for the film was expected during the week end, said a theatre owner.

(With inputs from R. Vimal Kumar in Tirupur, S. Ramesh from Erode and R. Arivanantham from Krishnagiri)

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