Childline starts year-long programme

Staff Reporter

To sensitise various departments Some of the children picked up from the streets were tested HIV positive

COIMBATORE: Childline will organise the National Initiative for Child Protection (NICP) programme for primary level Government school teachers in Coimbatore on March 25. The year-long programme launched during the beginning of the year is meant to build partnership with the police, transport, labour and educational departments.

Child rights

"If awareness among these departments increase, every child will get its right," said John Dharman, Director of Don Bosco Anbu Illam. The programme is conducted every year by the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, through the National Institute of Social Defence and the Childline Foundation of India.


It aims to sensitise the personnel of various departments on the need to understand children's needs. The programme was also held for panchayat presidents so that cases like child trafficking in rural areas would be reported.

"We require the co-operation of all these departments for a smooth functioning," said S. Ashokan, Co-ordinator of Childline. While trafficking children for commercial purposes was taking place in Coimbatore, those especially in Government departments should be aware of child rights and the need for child protection, he added.

Street children

Some of the children picked up from the streets were tested HIV positive or were mentally ill. Their problems should be identified and given proper treatment. This was possible only with the co-ordination of the Health Department, Mr. Ashokan said.

Migrant children from various other districts came to Coimbatore in search of jobs, Mr. Dharman pointed out.