Checkdams in tribal settlements

SALEM, MARCH 17. The Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department has planned to construct 11 checkdams across various streams in the tribal settlements of Pachamalai and Kalvarayan hills in the district.

The checkdams would help arrest the water flow in the wild streams during rainy days and the residents in the nearby tribal settlements could utilise the storage for domestic requirements. The storage would also help recharge the wells in one km radius, the District Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Officer, V. Ganapathy, said.

The Water Resource Organisation of the Public Works Department (PWD) would construct the dams on behalf of the department at a cost of Rs. 95.30 lakhs.

Seven checkdams would be built across the jungle streams in Odaikadu, Periyapokkalam, Vengamudi, Kilvanjarai, Puliyampatti, Nallamathi and Manmalai settlements in Pachamali hills in Gangavalli taluk. The rest would be constructed in Kalvarayan Hills. The PWD had received administration sanction from the Government and was waiting for funds for the project.

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