Centre to train SMEs in Japanese technologies

ABK-AOTS and Coimbatore-based KGK-TI have joined hands to set up a centre here to train employees of small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) in Japanese technologies.

According to R. Krishnamurthi, Managing Director of the KGK Group, there is a challenging business environment now and industries are facing shortage of manpower. The centre will develop talented manpower for the SMEs. Japanese management techniques are useful to MSMEs.

M.R. Ranganathan, chairman of ABK-AOTS Dosokai, a voluntary organisation set up by professionals, engineers and entrepreneurs trained in Japan, said one-third of the Japanese companies in India are in Tamil Nadu (about 550). SMEs are the backbone of an economy. ABK-AOTS has a Japanese language training centre here. KGK-TI has the required facilities and is into training for several years.

The centre will train students in Japanese language and will develop skills of employees in SMEs. It will address the pain points in industries and will offer consultancy, handholding and training. Initially there will be one-day training programmes.

S. Shanmuga Priya, director of ABK-ATOS DOSOKAI, a Japanese Language Learning Centre here, says this year, the centre has crossed 400 students. Almost every college wants to train its students in Japanese language and small companies that have business with Japanese customers also want training in Japanese language.