Cancel children's beauty show: AIDWA

CHENNAI JUNE 26. The All-India Democratic Women's Association has decried a beauty show for children under 13, scheduled to be held here on June 27 and 28, and called upon the organisers to cancel the event to `prevent children becoming victims of the global beauty industry'.

"Commodification of women's bodies, which has been a prominent feature of globalisation, is now being sought to be extended to young children, especially girls. While this may benefit the multicrore cosmetic and related beauty care industry, its impressions on children would be very adverse," said a press release issued by the president, Sudha Sundararamanan, and the general secretary, U. Vasuki.

The additional thrust to gender violence, which accompanied commercialisation and commodification was another disturbing aspect that needed to be considered seriously.

Such events would "undoubtedly damage and stunt the child's overall personality growth".

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