Campaign to curb misuse of Red Cross emblem

CHENNAI OCT. 13. The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) is to launch a campaign to curb the misuse of its emblem by organisations such as medical institutions.

The secretary general of the National Headquarters, IRCS, Vimala Ramalingam, has said the widespread misuse of the Red Cross emblem by several organisations in Tamil Nadu had created a negative impact. So it was decided to create awareness among public of the significance of the emblem through door-to door campaigns and seminars.

Citing a recent incident in Assam, she said, vehicles with the Red Cross emblem were reportedly used to transport ammunition and indulge in other illegal activities. The IRCS president, Sarojini Varadappan, said the unauthorised use of the symbol would "erode the protective value of the emblem" and also interfere with humanitarian service of the organisation. As part of the initiative, the IRCS conducted a seminar on the `Red Cross Emblem' on Friday, where several recommendations were made including involvement of the Youth Red Cross and Junior Cross members in the campaign. The seminar also highlighted the need to disseminate information about the alternative symbols suggested for the other institutions such as `H' for hospitals and green cross for pharmacy, she added.

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