Campaign to boost female literacy rate launched

MEANS TO AN END: Collector D. Raajendiran giving away stationery to members of District Arivoli Continuing Education Movement at Kottampatti on Wednesday.  

J.V. Siva Prasanna Kumar

MADURAI: Though the district has the distinction of possessing higher literacy levels compared to the State average, female literacy in two blocks, however, is not up to the mark.

Kottampatti and Sedapatti blocks are considered to be educationally backward in the district where literacy level among females, especially in the reproductive age group, is not satisfactory.

As per available statistics, the literacy rate in the district is 87.24 per cent among males and 69.93 among females against the State average of 82.33 per cent and 64.55 per cent respectively. The deviation from the State average is 4.91 per cent for males and 5.38 for females. Despite this, there are a large number of female illiterates in these blocks

An official told The Hindu here on Thursday that realising the seriousness of the situation, the State Government had decided in July to implement the Female Literacy Campaign (FLC) in these two blocks in order to help women attain certain standards in literacy.

Accordingly, the Government sanctioned Rs.2 lakhs for carrying out the programme for six months. It is hoped that more than 2,000 illiterate women, at least 1,000 from each block, would be imparted literacy skills to improve female literacy rate.

Following disbursal of funds, Madurai district administration launched FLC in the blocks on Wednesday. Collector D. Raajendiran, who visited the Kottampatti Panchayat Union office, gave away notebooks, slates, pencils, and erasers to members of the District Arivoli Continuing Education Movement, to be distributed to the beneficiaries.

The FLC aims at establishing 50 Continuing Education Centres (CECs) and Nodal Continuing Education Centres for carrying out the continuing education programme. These centres will adopt an area-specific, community-based approach. The scheme envisages one CEC for each village and about ten centres form a cluster.

Fulltime facilitators, drawn from the community, run the centres. About 20 women will be enrolled at each centre and would be taught for two hours a day for six days in a week. Each of them would be presented with two notebooks, slates, two pencils and eraser.

Kottampatti Panchayat Union Chairperson M. Poongothai, Kottampatti panchayat president Ravindran and coordinator of the District Arivoli Continuing Education Movement A. Sekar participated.