Cabinet will decide on POTO: KPCC chief

BANGALORE, DEC. 22. The State Cabinet would discuss and decide whether to extend the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance, as requested by the Centre, the KPCC President, Mr. Allum Veerabhadrappa, said here on Saturday.

When his attention was drawn to a letter written by the Centre to the State, which the Chief Minister Mr.S.M.Krishna, was going to place before a meeting of the senior police officers, reportedly convened in the city, for a discussion on the issue, Mr. Veerabhadrappa told presspersons that it was for the Chief Minister, the Home Minister, Mr. Mallikarjun Kharge, and the Cabinet to decide.

Asked for his reaction on whether the State should oblige the Centre vis-a-vis the Congress's opposition to the POTO in Parliament, Mr. Veerabhadrappa merely said the decision was left to the Cabinet.

Mr. Veerabhadrappa termed the criticism of the BJP President, Mr. Jana Krishnamurthy, that the Congress President, Ms. Sonia Gandhi, was not cooperating with the NDA Government in enacting a law to replace the POTO, as irresponsible and unwarranted.

He said the Congress Founders Day would be celebrated in all the district centres, including Bangalore, on December 28. The Chief Minister would address it at the DCC office at Shivajinagar. The party would issue coupons of Rs. 50, Rs. 100, and Rs. 500 denomination for collecting donations for the day.

On the issue of appointing chairmen to boards and corporations, he said the MLAs and party workers would get 50 per cent share in the vacancies. He argued that it was being done to improve the loss-making PSUs and was not a wasteful expenditure.

He said that Mr. K.M.Gaddi, MLA, and Mr. S.C.Subbaiah, were appointed presidents of Dharwad Rural and Mysore Rural DCC units, respectively. The post in Bidar had not been filled.

The office-bearers of block and district units would be named by January 15. Senior Congressmen and those, who had served in the districts for more than five years would be appointed to the KPCC, he said.