Bury Bush doctrine

Sir, — After the pre-emptive strike on Iraq by the U.S, the Bush doctrine, as it is called, appears to stretch across Asia. Some Indians say that the U.S. should have a pre-emptive strike against Pakistan. Our External Affairs Minister has said that India reserves the right to strike against Pakistan to which the U.S. says that there is no comparison between Iraq and Pakistan. But comparisons can be found if the U.S. wants comparisons and India will provide enough and more such comparisons.

Now Pakistan says India should be a candidate for pre-emptive attack. The seeds of pre-emptive strikes have been sown and unless they are nipped in the bud one will witness a lot of pre-emptive strikes in the Asian subcontinent. Let the Bush doctrine be buried once and for all in the interest of world peace. Let the U.N wake up and do the needful. It is now or never.

V.S. Venkatavardan, Salem, T.N.

* * *

Sir, — Morale is the most important factor in any war. But it seems the U.S. Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, never thought of this when he ordered Gen. Myers to launch operation `Shock and Awe'. Not even for a moment did he gauge the morale of the Iraqi people to resist the invasion.

The same thing happened in Vietnam, where the U.S. won every single battle, but lost the war. The U.S. soldiers lost confidence and kept on asking "why are we fighting here?"

When they did not get an answer, their morale was lost and they had to be withdrawn. In the Bangladesh war, in spite of the fact that the Pakistani army was intact till the very end, Gen. Niazi surrendered when he found that after the capture of Dhaka the morale of his men was at its lowest ebb.

N.B. Grant, Pune, Maharashtra

* * *

Sir, — When we brush up the American history of wars, three things are similar. Americans never fought on their own land, waged a war against unequals and gained either power or economic benefits. But the very brutal side of it is the civilians were targeted. The U.S.-led war on Iraq does not have justifiable grounds. Now a doubt arises over the security of small and poorer countries, in spite of the existence of the U.N. and the International Court of Law.

Neglecting mass opinion, including within his own country, President Bush is bent on disarming Iraq with the claim that it possess WMD, which the U.N. inspectors could not search for months. With the illogical beginning of war he is responsible for creating a lot of casualties in Iraq. It is the fate of peace-loving nations to watch this injustice, helpless to do anything to stop the war.

Chitra Hegde, Bangalore