Burglary in four houses

CHENNAI JAN. 28. Four cases of house break-ins have been reported in the city on Tuesday with three of them taking place during the broad daylight in Anna Nagar police limits and one in Kilpauk police limits.

While cash and jewels totally worth Rs. 5 lakhs were reported stolen from a house at Kilpauk, totally Rs. 1 lakh in cash, export garments, a fax machine and jewellery were reportedly stolen from two other houses at Anna Nagar. The exact value of the stolen property in one premises was not immediately known as the inmates were away.

According to police, thieves broke into the house of Allan, a resident of 17th Street, Q-Block in Tirumangalam and removed Rs. 75,000 from the house. The burglars struck when the resident had gone out around 5-30 p.m. and was away until 9 p.m.

Burglars targeted the house of Elavarasan, an exporter residing in Soundarya Colony, Tirumangalam, when he was away. About Rs. 10,000 cash, export garments and a fax machine were reported stolen.

Another victim was Mohan Singh, a retired government employee residing at H Block, 12th Main Road, Anna Nagar. The value of stolen goods was not immediately known.

At Kilpauk, thieves entered the house of one Ibrahim, who was away in the U.S. and decamped with cash and jewellery totally worth Rs. 5 lakhs. One of the relatives noticed the burglary and informed the police.

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