`Bureau puller' strikes after three-month lull

CHENNAI, AUG.1 . After a near three-month lull, the elusive `bureau puller' has struck again in Madipakkam giving a rude jolt to Chengai (East) police who had claimed that intensified vigil had eliminated this form of burglary in their district.

Eight sovereigns of jewellery were burgled from an employee of a leading private construction company at Balaiah Nagar, Madipakkam. The police said the culprit had pulled the `bureau' (steel almirah) close to the window, opened it and made away with the valuables. The burglary came to light when the inmates woke up Saturday morning

The burglar had also tried to burgle another house in Thilagar Nagar in the same area, but failed. Though the burglar managed to pull the almirah and opened it, he left empty-handed as no valuables were inside it.

The ease with which the bureau puller has been striking has baffled police, especially since he has been targeting only houses in the Madipakkam sub-division of Chengai (East) police district. The last bureau pulling case was reported a couple of months ago. The police do not have a clue to the burglar's identity.

Police had intensified their vigil since and several plainclothes policemen were doing the rounds through the night. The police even began to distribute pamphlets to residents urging them to take precautionary steps to avoid falling prey to the `bureau puller.' The police believe that a single burglar was behind all the 60-odd `bureau pulling' cases reported in this sub-division in the past two years.

House burgled

Elsewhere, in Madhavaram Milk Colony, jewels and valuables worth about Rs. 1 lakh were burgled while the inmates had gone out for a couple of hours on Saturday evening. Titus Gomes and his wife were at their son's school nearby to attend the annual day celebrations.

When they returned, they noticed the door broken and the valuables missing from the almirah. The police said that the couple had had locked the almirah, but left the keys on its door.

Con job

Meanwhile, in Korattur, an employee of a private engineering college has complained that a woman had tricked his family and stole 15 sovereigns from his house.

Ramalingam of Central Avenue in Korattur told police that he had visited Tirupati with his family, where they had met a woman named Vijayalakshmi. She helped the family during their stay in the temple town and the family invited the woman to come to Chennai.

The woman came to the city recently under the pretext of taking treatment at a private hospital and stayed in Ramalingam's house.

Last morning, the woman was missing and so were the jewels from the almirah. A police team has gone Tirupati to trace the woman.

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