Bihar's woes

Sir, — This refers to your report "Railway cabin torched" in Muzaffarpur, Bihar (April 7). I belong to Motihari, a town on the Indo-Nepal border and the headquarters of Bihar's East Champaran district. Incidents of violence have been increasing over the last several years in Bihar. There are several factors responsible for this ugly situation. People are fed up with politicians. There is a clear proof of the Bihar Government's patronage to criminals and corruption. Bribery has become a mode of living here. Kill someone and give bribe to police; nobody will harm you. In Bihar, the problem of unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, poor condition of roads and electricity have taken a back seat. The only thing that has flourished in Bihar is crime/corruption. Innocent people are being murdered in full public view. Cases of rape and kidnapping are on the rise. Common people are at the receiving end.

Anjani Kumar Tiwari, Motihari, Bihar