'Better maintenance will conserve oil'

CHENNAI, JAN. 31. Simple measures such as better maintenance of vehicles and driving within the prescribed speed limits would ``go a long way'' in conserving oil, the Transport Secretary, Sheela Balakrishnan, said here yesterday.

Addressing the valedictory of the oil conservation fortnight celebrations, the Secretary said ``speed control'' resulted in saving about 20 per cent diesel.

Emphasising the need for technical innovations that lead to lower consumption of fuel including lighter bus-bodies and use of radial tyres, the Secretary said oil conservation was a ``national need''. On their part, the State Transport Undertakings were imparting intensive training to drivers and suitable refresher courses were also being conducted.

The Chief Regional Coordinator of the Petroleum Conservation and Research Association, S. N. Rao, said about 20,000 programmes, aimed at creating an awareness of oil conservation, were organised during the fortnight for different user segments.

The Deputy General Manager-Marketing Operations of the Indian Oil Corporation, M. Nageswaran, said conservation was a continuous process.

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