BCCI's failure

Not surprisingly, the Board of Control for Cricket in India failed to exploit the opportunity to persuade a captain past his prime to exit the scene and let a younger and vibrant leader emerge. We have been unfair to coach Greg Chappell and I am surprised he has agreed to stay on.

S.R. Vydianath, Wolverhampton, U.K.

* * *

The end result of the much-hyped `BCCI review committee meeting' was on expected lines. There is little chance of the patch-up lasting. I think the BCCI has subtly given a hint to Chappell that he is free to pack up and go if he does not toe the line.

D. Mohan, New Delhi

* * *

When will we learn that the team is more important than the captain?

L. Marinstine Fernando, Pune

* * *

The BCCI has set a bad precedent. It should have investigated the truth of Chappell's statement and disciplinary action should have been initiated.

S. Jayachandran, Chennai

* * *

Instead of trying to just settle the present imbroglio, the Board should have thought in terms of the future. It should not give room for sentimentalism about the past performance of any player — a typical Indian propensity.

M. Sundaresan, Chennai

* * *

The truth about the leak of the email sent by Chappell will now never be known. It is also clear that there is a division in the team.

S. Narayanan, Chennai

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