Banned pesticides not being sold in Tirupur

Joint Director of Agriculture R. Kanagasabhai told The Hindu Officials on Monday that no banned products have been recovered from shops selling pesticides in the district so far.

Officials of departments of agriculture and horticulture have completed intensive checks at 192 pesticides suppliers/retailers outlets functioning in the district.

Pesticides or pesticide formulations that are banned in the country like aldrin, calcium cyanide and carbofuron, were neither sold or stocked, he said.

An awareness programme among farmers on the use of ‘restricted pesticides’ has begun.

Officials pointed out that 28 pesticides, and four pesticide formulations were banned for manufacture, import, or use in the country.

We have briefed the retailers/suppliers the list of seven pesticides which are withdrawn from the country, said the officials.

With indiscriminate use of some of the ‘restricted pesticides’ (the pesticides that could be used in one crop but could not be applied on another) by farmers said to be causing health concerns in different parts of the country, the agriculture department officials here had commenced an awareness campaign against usage of such chemicals.

The officials said that a ‘restricted pesticide’ like monocrotophos could be used in crops like cotton and coconut, whereas it could not be used in vegetables.

Recently, Kerala's Commissioner of Food Safety T.V. Anupama has stated that the studies conducted in that State has indicated high levels of pesticides in vegetables.

Such pesticide contents could trigger cancer in human beings, the officials added.