Awareness on insurance ombudsman increases

Staff Reporter

COIMBATORE: The number of cases coming up before the insurance ombudsman in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry is going up owing to increasing awareness, according to R.P. Sharma, insurance ombudsman of the Chennai Ombudsman Centre. While the number of cases received in a month was eight last year, it had almost doubled this year, he pointed out.

He told mediapersons here recently that it was also because of the low cost and the transparent system. Further, the insurer and the complainant would be present at the time of hearing.

This year, the Chennai Ombudsman Centre heard 200 to 300 cases. During the last two days, nine cases were heard in Coimbatore.

A similar hearing was held in Madurai a few months ago. He said that usually 60 per cent of the cases went in favour of the complainant.