Attack in Ayodhya

The Ayodhya attack shows terrorists are back with a bang. They targeted not just the makeshift Ram temple but also the fragile India-Pakistan peace process and communal harmony of the country. The Government should examine whether there was a security lapse and whether the fight against terrorism has slackened. Now that Ayodhya is back in the reckoning, it is important to explore ways of resolving the issue as soon as possible.

S. Sundararaman, Bangalore

* * *

The terrorists' objective was clear — driving a wedge between Hindus and Muslims to create a riot-like situation. Had they succeeded in their mission, communal harmony would have been the casualty. Thanks to the security forces, the country has been saved. At the same time, it is perplexing how terrorists repeatedly gain entry into hypersensitive areas despite heavy security. It is time we prioritised, reworked and reoriented our security apparatus. We will not be always lucky.

P.V. Raman, Chennai

* * *

The need of the hour is restraint. The slightest provocation will lead to communal tensions and the peace process will receive a setback. Militants have no religion. They stand condemned. No true believer of Islam will have peace if militants violate the basic message of peace, harmony and brotherhood. The intention of the militants was obviously to create tension between Hindus and Muslims. We should not play into their hands.

Mumtaz Ali Khan, Bangalore

* * *

Irked by the ongoing peace process, some vested interests seem to be desperate to sabotage it. Given the fluid communal situation in India, the authorities should take adequate steps to thwart attempts by communalists to play up the incident. This is the time to exercise restraint.

N. Nageswaran, Chennai

* * *

The nation should salute the CRPF for foiling the militants' attempt yet again. The security forces were instrumental in thwarting the attack on Parliament too.

We should condemn the attack in one voice and demonstrate to the world that when our security is threatened, we always stand as one.

G. Ramachandran, Tiruchi, T.N.

* * *

The attack is most unfortunate. But for the bravery of the CRPF personnel, the repercussions would have been huge.

M.D. Kartik, Hyderabad

* * *

On the one hand, every conceivable effort is being made to bring peace to the sub-continent and on the other, certain forces are out to destabilise it.

B. Madhava Murthy, Hyderabad

* * *

The barbaric attack has once again brought into focus the lacuna in our security and intelligence apparatus. The site is situated in a high protection zone, which means it was a likely target of a terrorist attack. Yet the terrorists came so close to the makeshift temple. That no damage was done is fortuitous.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement expressing a strong resolve to deal firmly with all such acts of terrorism is of a kind made whenever a terrorist attack takes place. As for the BJP's proposed nationwide protest on Wednesday, it will vitiate the atmosphere.

V.S. Venkatavaradan, Salem, T.N.

* * *

The way the BJP is reacting is shocking. Looks like it wants to use the opportunity to foment trouble.

Before asking Union Home Minister to step down, it should recall the lapses of the NDA regime — attacks on Parliament and the Akshardham temple — besides the Gujarat massacre. The outrage of Jaswant Singh, who escorted terrorists to Kandahar, over the foiled attack is amusing.

Ali Jafarabedi, Aligarh, U.P.

* * *

Since all the terrorists have been eliminated, it will not be easy to unearth the conspiracy behind the attack.

A. Ashok Kumar, Udupi, Karnataka

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