Atal Speak

Nirman ... This clears the way for the construction [of the Ram Mandir ]. If the verdict goes in our favour, then the way to construction will be all the more smooth. Now, I don't want to criticise the [Allahabad] High Court. We do not have great expectations about the case. But they have decided 11 [December ]... has been fixed for the verdict. The matter is also before the Supreme Court.

For me, the meaning of the Supreme Court verdict is like this. It does not stop the kar seva, in fact , the Supreme Court has given us the right to perform kar seva [applause and cries of "Jai Sri Ram"]. There is no question of stopping [us]. Tomorrow, by doing the kar seva, we will not be... ignoring the order of the Supreme Court but honouring it, we will only be implementing it. [applause and cries of "Jai Sri Ram"].

It is true that the Supreme Court has told us not to start construction till the final verdict of the Lucknow bench of High Court is delivered. The Supreme Court has also said that we can do bhajans and keertans. Bhajan is not done by a single individual. It is done collectively. And for keertan even more people are required. And Bhajan and Keertan cannot be done standing. How long can one keep standing?

I had met a Khadeshwar [Standing] Baba at the Bhateshwar [in Agra district in Uttar Pradesh, on the banks of the Yamuna] Mela . I asked him "Bhagwan, how long have you been standing?" He answered "twelve years." He also added that he would keep standing till cow protection is complete [fully implemented] in the country.

There are sharp-edged boulders there [at the place of the congregation for kar seva in Ayodhya], and no one can sit on that. So the ground has to be levelled, made fit enough to sit [prolonged applause and cries of "Jai Sri Ram"].

We will also be doing yagya, so there will be some construction also, at least a vedi [an altar for performing rituals] will be constructed, and I don't think that the Supreme Court has prohibited any of these. If bhajan, pooja, keertan, yagya take place, then those who are performing these may also think in terms of putting up a shamiana... Arrey Bhai, it's winter here and those who have come from South [India] have no idea of the acuteness of the cold in North [India] and for their convenience a shamiana can also be put up.

How all this will happen, kar sevaks [who are assembled at Ayodhya ] will decide. This is not violating the order of the Supreme Court [Blowing of bugles, trumpets and conches and cries of "Jai Sri Ram"]. I do not know what will happen there tomorrow [pause]. I was keen to go Ayodhya. But I have been asked to go to Delhi. And I will abide by the order. But I am watching.. The matter is before the Supreme Court and it has deputed an observer. The State Government has given him facilities. If the Central Government wants, it can instal a hotline to the observer. The Supreme Court can keep in touch with him.

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