ASI urged to rebuild monuments

NEW DELHI MARCH 21 . The Indian History Congress (IHC) has urged the Archaeological Survey of India to repair, restore and rebuild all the monuments damaged or destroyed in the name of religion during the recent violence in Gujarat.

Expressing grief at the ``immense loss of life and property'' in Godhra, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and other places ``at the hands of criminal gangs exploiting the name of religion,'' the IHC said ``it is reprehensible that religious places, some of considerable historical and cultural importance, have been damaged or destroyed.''

In a statement, the IHC secretary, Ramakrishna Chatterjee, said the mosques of Malik Asin and Muhafiz Khan and the tomb of Wali Gujarati were either damaged or destroyed. The Malik Asin mosque — a protected monument — was destroyed by bulldozers and the IHC has expressed surprise that the culprits have not yet been traced.

It has questioned the inaction against those responsible for destroying the tomb of Wali Gujarati, particularly in view of the fact that the spot where it stood has been tarred over.

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