An exhibition of Japanese stamps

Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: The story of Japan's postal history unfolded at the ABK AOTS Dosokai here at an exhibition of Japanese stamps, showcasing art, culture and the times of peace and turmoil.

The first postage Japanese stamps were a set of four telegram stamps called Dragon stamps issued in 1871.

The first commemorative stamps came out in 1894. Since the first multi-coloured stamps in 1951, Japanese stamps came to be known all over the world for their design, colour and themes, say records of ABK AOTS Dosokai, a voluntary organisation floated by Japan-returned trainees.

The exhibition, jointly organised with the South India Philatelic Association, is open on Sunday (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

Over 8,000 stamps on several themes, including Japanese Philatelic Week, the Imperial family, prefecture stamps, sports, culture, art, theatre, letter writing week and monuments in the country; of World War II (including the Pearl Harbour attack and the strikes on North America with balloon bombs, a project that the Japanese named Fugo, meaning wind ship).

Hiroshima bomb commemoration

An U.S. Postal department stamp showing a mushroom cloud had a footnote saying that stamp was to be released in 1995 to commemorate the bombing of Hiroshima. But the U.S. government withdrew it in the face of protests. Later it released a picture of Harry S. Truman, the then President who approved the bombing.

Keiko Nakano, Japanese Vice-Consul, and Vatsala Raghu, Chief Postmaster General, Tamil Nadu Circle, inaugurated the exhibition.

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