Ammavasai and crimes

From now on, Ammavasi nights will get special focus in preventing crimes, writes V.S. Palaniappan

THE CITY police are stepping up security and crime prevention measures on Ammavasai with a special focus on residential areas in isolated places. Though there is a directive in the Police Standing Orders on crime prevention initiatives to be taken on Ammavasai nights, the police have taken it lightly in the past. But incidents of crime reported in Daily Situation Reports indicates that there have been at least a few incidents or even unsuccessful attempts during these days. The Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore City, Karan Singha, and the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), P.C. Thenmozhi, have instructed all station house officers, supervisory officers and special crime prevention teams to make sure that a marking is made on the calendar on Ammavasai days. This will ensure that the officers are constantly reminded of the precautions to be taken. Prevention measures are always done on the basis of past crime history in the area. Planning is done taking into account the recent incidents of crime across the city in general and crime-prone pockets in particular.

Beat marches will be intensified on these days, including those by men in civil dress. It will help in keeping track of habitual offenders, history offenders, ex-convicts and shadow watching of suspects to a considerable extent. It is believed that the presence of policemen in large numbers on the roads at odd hours can deter criminals from acting freely. It will also help in detecting previous cases. People, especially those residing in the suburbs should exercise extra care and vigil on these days, police say.

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