Amid a sea of colour, students showcase talents

CHENNAI, OCT. 7. St. Theresa's School in Pallavaram was a sea of coloured uniforms on Thursday. Students from several schools flocked the campus, which was the venue for the State-wide Jawaharlal Nehru Mathematics, Science and Literary Exhibition for Chengalpattu educational district.

Education Minister C.Ve. Shanmugam opened the fair in the presence of the Social Welfare Minister B. Valarmathi and Kancheepuram Collector R. Venkatesan, following which the students queued up to view the works of their peers. The displays dealt with health and hygiene; energy management; water management; conservation, preservation and utilisation of natural resources; environmental management; accident awareness and safety measures; bio-technology; transport and communication technology; natural calamities prevention measures; and alternate energy resources.

The most common exhibits were those on rainwater harvesting, waste water recycling, desalination plants and conservation of water bodies. Conservation of wildlife and natural resources also seemed to be popular.

There were unique displays too. Students of Government Higher Secondary School, Nandivaram, displayed how bio-fuel can be extracted from jatropha seeds. Students of SCS Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chromepet, pointed out the usefulness of stem cells in combating various ailments. They also had a solar furnace made with multiple mirrors.

Students of Manuel Mony Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Palavakkam, had an exhibit on flood control and management of natural calamities. Several schools had models of fire alarm systems, perhaps taking the right lessons from the Kumbakonam fire accident

Outside, amid the din stood a large festoon in the middle of the ground warning that obesity is the globe's newest epidemic thanks to the junk food and lack of exercise.

Representations came from 215 schools, 79 of them matriculation schools.

Meanwhile, 35 schools from South Chennai educational district participated in a fair at Avichi Higher Secondary School, Virugambakkam. The exhibits were mostly on agriculture, technology for health, the science of hydraulics, fire alert systems, pollution and recycling of materials. A quiz and cultural programmes were also held.

The exhibition in St. Theresa School will continue till Saturday while the one in Avichi School will be held till Friday.