Allegation mischievous: Coca Cola

Chennai June 26. The Director-Public Affairs and Communications, Coca Cola India, Nantoo Banerjee, in response to the article "Dead Lizard found in soft drink bottle' on June 22, says, the customer's allegation was "absolutely mischievous and designed to malign our brand and product".

In a statement, the Coca Cola stated, "we have an uncompromising commitment to product quality and safety. All manufacturing plants of Coca Cola use a number of processes to assure the quality and safety of the water and other ingredients used to make our products".

"Our state of the art manufacturing processes utilise the most advanced bottling technology in the industry and every bottle is subjected to rigorous and multi-stage quality control testing to give maximum assurance that each bottle meets the highest levels of quality, cleanliness and sanitation. At all our manufacturing locations, only those batches are cleared for sale in the markets which meet our stringent international quality and there is no chance of a below-standard product being despatched for sale, leave alone a horrendous product containing a lizard, dead or alive".

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