All-India crafts bazaar in Pondy

PONDICHERRY, JAN. 31. Handicraft producers and craftsmen from all over the country will display their products and hold demonstration on making the productss at the 10-day all India Crafts Bazaar at Gandhi Thildal commencing on Friday.

The exhibition has been sponsored jointly by PUDUMAI, a cooperative society of craftsmen in Pondicherry, and the Development Commissioner of Handicrafts attached to the Union Textiles Ministry, New Delhi.

Jayanta Kumar Ray, General Manager of the District Industries Centre and adminstrator of PUDUMAI, and S.Ramamoorthy, Deputy Director of the office of the Regional Director of Handicrafts, Chennai, said here that 75 stalls would be put up and the object of the fair was to bring to focus the artistic features ofvarious States.

The Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) and PUDUMAI share the expenditure at 75 per cent and 25 per cent respectively.

Craftsmen from different States would also hold live demonstration on making the products.

The District Industries Centre in collaboration with the National Institute for Small Industrial Extension Training Centre, Hyderabad, held a two-day special awareness programme on various medicinal and aromatic plants. M. Chandrasekaran Reddy from the Institute and Vaithianathan, a medicinal plant cultivator from Hyderabad, and a technical organiser from Tamil Nadu were the resource persons at the training programme. A good number of officers from the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture wing, PASIC, Seed Development Agency, DRDA, the Khadi and Village Industries Board of Pondicherry underwent the special programme on medicinal and aromatic plants. Many plants cultivated on the government farm at Madagadipet were also placed on display at the venue of the training programme.

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