Agriculture gets Rs.576 cr. in Tirunelveli dt. ACP

TIRUNELVELI, MARCH 24 . Agriculture, predominant profession in Tirunelveli district, has retained its top position once again in the annual credit plan 2005-2006, as the farm sector received an allocation of Rs.576 crores out of a total outlay of Rs.778.80 crores, accounting for 73.96 per cent in the total plan, released by the Collector, Atul Anand, here today.

This allocation for the priority sector also shows an increase of 50 per cent over the allotment made in the ACP 2004 - 2005, which had a total outlay of Rs.555.82 crores for all three sectors.

While the secondary sector, industries, has received Rs.66.97 crores (8.60 per cent of the total outlay) this year, the tertiary sector, services division, has got Rs.135.83 crores (17.44 per cent). Though the industries sector shows a `sluggish growth' in the district for the past few years as the youths are so keen on becoming only employees and not entrepreneurs, the ACP, prepared by Indian Overseas Bank, lead bank of the district, promises a 15 per cent increased outlay than last year.

During the period from April 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004, the banks have granted loans to the tune of Rs.552.85 crores to the priority sectors against the proportionate target of Rs.425.83 crores under the ACP and thereby achieved 130 per cent of the target. The agricultural sector received Rs.409.77 crores whereas the industries and services sectors got Rs.42.63 crores and Rs.100.45 crores respectively.

As of December 31, 2004, the deposit of the banks was Rs.2,965.77 crores while the advances stood at Rs.1,815.74 crores. The credit/deposit ratio (CD ratio) was 61 per cent, which is above the national norm of 60 per cent. All major key parameters have registered positive growth over the position during the corresponding period in the previous year.

Under the SGSY 2004-05 scheme, 171 self-help groups have got revolving fund so far and another 374 SHGs have got economic assistance. As many as 743 youths have benefited from the PMRY scheme during the fiscal.

Banks have disbursed Rs.35.01 crores to the non-farm sector under the District Rural Industries Project scheme of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, creating considerable employment opportunities. About 18,296 SHG members have got financial assistance for the construction of individual household toilets and 20,776 farmers have got Kisan Credit Cards involving credit limit of Rs. 37.77 crore during the current year.

So far, 8,760 SHGs have been formed in the district under Mahalir Thittam with 1,57,573 women members, having a savings of Rs.25.96 crores. Of 7,597 eligible groups, 7,486 groups have received credit assistance to the tune of Rs. 49.43 crore under various schemes.

Lauding the efforts of the banks in achieving the targets, particularly in farm sector, Mr. Atul Anand asked the bankers, who participated in the meeting in large numbers, to clear all pending applications under the PMRY scheme before March 31 and appealed to the bankers to persuade the youths to become employers.

The Senior Regional Manager, IOB, R. Lakshminarasimhan, the Assistant General Manager, NABARD, K. Sridharan, the Lead District Manager, S. Nambiraj, and others participated.

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