Adalat for passport applicants on Nov. 23

CHENNAI NOV. 13. The Chennai Regional Passport Office is organising an adalat on November 23 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Shastri Bhavan here to redress grievances of passport applicants.

Applications filed this year till September-end, pending for reasons such as discrepancies in application, insufficient information and documents and unclear police reports will be expedited.

Details like name of the applicant, file reference number and key number of the application and a brief on the nature of grievance should be informed either through the web site: https://passport.tn.nic.in or through a post card with the superscription ``application for participation in passport adalat— November 2002'' by November 20. If the file number is not known, then the demand draft number with its date should be submitted. The registered post receipt number and date of posting of the application should also be informed if submitted by post.

However, applications which were already closed after issuing notices to applicants will not be considered.

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