Absurd demand

Sir, — The attack on the award of Ezhuthachhan Puraskaram to Kamala Suraiyya is an attack on Suraiyya for her conversion. Whether she deserved to be honoured with the highest literary award in Malayalam or not may be debated in public, but the demand of the Sangh Parivar that the award should be given for propagating `bhakti', because it is named after Ezhuthachhan, is absurd. It is like demanding that the Bheeshmacharya Award should be given only to a brahmachari. Ezhuthachhan Puraskaram is given not for the best imitator of Ezhuthachhan, but for one's literary excellence. It is named after Ezuthachhan not for his composing Adhyatma Ramayanam alone, but for being the `father' of modern Malayalam. Moreover, we do not know whether he was living the life of a `bhakta'. This is another instance of the Sangh Parivar appropriating a great man through trivialising his relevance to its own needs.

Sudhakaran P.P,


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