A tough task for Rangasamy

Pondicherry April 9 . Frequent interruptions and lengthy speeches by some opposition members in the Pondicherry Assembly today made it difficult for the Chief Minister, N. Rangasamy to either complete his replies or ascertain the demand.

When the Chief Minister was presenting replies to the views expressed both by the ruling and opposition blocks on demands for grants to various departments including Sales Tax, PWD and Information and Publicity among other departments, every now and then some member or the other from both the sides were seen raising either questions or pleas that were already made.

A visibly tired Mr. Rangasamy went ahead to tell the members that he would consider (parisilikiren or kavanathil eduthu kolkiren).

All pleas of the Speaker, M. D. R. Ramachandran, to members to complete the speech in time went in vain.

At one stage the Parliamentary Secretary to the Chief Minister, A. V. Sridharan, was heard telling the members that the Chief Minister should be given time to complete his replies.

Then members could raise their points.

But this was only a formal appeal as nothing happened with the members continuing their cascade of questions.

The Chief Minister had come prepared only for the points the members had earlier made during their participation in the debate on demands.

Projection of newer and fresher points caught him unawares.