A sure-fire way

Madurai is always considered a lucky place. This sentiment is more vouched by politicians who are always keen to start any good work from here.

The Speaker, K. Kalimuthu, could not resist from saying his opinion about Madurai.

At the World AIDS Day function at Rajah Muthiah Mandram on Thursday, the Speaker said the fact that the Government held the AIDS Day function at Madurai for the first time outside Chennai should give very positive results in HIV prevention.

For, he said, there were many people who succeeded by making a beginning from Madurai. Sentimentally, for many film producers, this city was a touchstone to gauge the crowd response due to a belief that "it will be a hit in the State, if Madurai did well."

Similarly, any political party that gave importance to Madurai and won in elections here went on to become the ruling party of the State.

Continuing with his Madurai sentiment, Mr. Kalimuthu, said that since the Tamil Nadu AIDS Control Society began its anti-HIV campaign from here this year, it was certain to succeed in its mission.

Naturally came loud cheers from the large audience present at the function after hearing the Speaker's ruling on Madurai magic.

From Shastry V Mallady in Madurai