A ray of hope

Sir, — Even as the Ayodhya tangle appears to be the vanishing point of Indian secularism, the confidence expressed by the Kanchi Sankaracharya in finding a mutually acceptable solution within a time-frame of three months sends the right signal and certainly will avert the building up of tensions (June 27). Today a synergising of our pluralistic society is needed to safeguard the future. To outsmart the divisive agenda of organisations such as the VHP, people of different religions should learn the art of coexistence.

All should realise that no purpose is achieved through violence and hatred. The efforts of the Kanchi pontiff are laudable and from his utterances one can see a ray of hope that something tangible will emerge in a few months.

The Acharya has more than once asserted that the local people of Ayodhya are the real parties to be consulted for arriving at a solution and we hope that if the local people are allowed to solve the problem much of the tension will dissipate.

H. Syed Mathani, Tiruchi, T.N.

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