A promise kept

M. Jeyaram, Sholavandan, T.N.

* * *

It is indeed a rare and historic occasion because all the parties have wholeheartedly welcomed the bill. Well begun is half done!

R. Ponnarassi, Vellore, T.N.

* * *

If one member from each family gets Rs.60 a day for 100 days in a year and if there is no other income for the family during the year, its monthly income averaged over a whole year works out to just Rs.500. The politicians of all hues consider this a great service done to the rural poor. They expect the people to applaud this gesture, forgetting the total inability so far of successive governments to create adequate job opportunities in agriculture and agriculture-based industries for over 70 per cent of our countrymen.

K. Vijayakumar, Ashburn, Virginia

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