A partnership to improve medical education

"Objective was to inspire organisations"

Special Correspondent

COIMBATORE: The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME), based in Copenhagen in Denmark, have entered into a strategic partnership to improve medical education throughout the world. The primary task is to frame guidelines on accreditation — both for accrediting agencies and institutions scrutinised by them.

The WFME President, Hans Karle, said here on Wednesday that medical education must have a global character and for this the accreditation system must be "trustworthy, transparent and acceptable to all."

In his keynote address at a national symposium on "Vision 2020: Towards Global Standards in Health Sciences Education," organised by the P.S.G. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Mr. Karle said that the need for such a system was increasingly felt in the backdrop of mushrooming medical institutions across the world. The partnership is aimed at promoting and reviewing regional and national standards in medical education.

The other task on hand for the WHO, as part of the partnership, was the compilation of a directory of medical institutions and defining clearly guidelines on accreditation. But the guidelines would not be binding on the institutions though they would have a global character.

The overall objective was to inspire authorities, organisations and institutions responsible for medical education.

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