'A lost chance'

It is true that India will regain its superiority in conventional warfare over Pakistan if it gets rid of its nuclear weapons. But how far this will translate into real superiority on the ground is a big question. In case India attacks Pakistan, the U.S. will not hesitate to protect its ally (Pakistan). It will try to stop a nuclear weapon-less India by any means. Economic development, therefore, should grow hand in hand with the developments in defence. Only a country which has a strong defence force can protect its economic interests.

Vijay, Coimbatore, T.N.

Sir, — For India and Pakistan to live in peaceful coexistence: (a) They should, for once, forget the issues of Kashmir and cross-border terrorism and hold talks on cooperation in economic and agricultural development; (b) Intellectuals, social workers and self-help groups should exchange views leading to a positive and sustained action. If social life improves and social values strengthen, then people will decide which issues are to be addressed and when; (c) There should be talks between the religious groups of both countries highlighting the values that every religion lays stress on and underlining the fact that hypocrisy and pseudo-religious practices do not make men religious; (d) They can help each other in the development of sports and games and share their expertise and infrastructure for mutual benefit and (e) Educationists of both nations should hold conferences and discuss how the next generation can be moulded. Teachers can succeed where politicians have failed.

L. Srinivasan, Tirupur, T.N.

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