A day of caring for your pet animals

MAN'S BEST FRIEND: July 6 is World Zoonosis Day. — Photo: K. Bhagya Prakash.

MAN'S BEST FRIEND: July 6 is World Zoonosis Day. — Photo: K. Bhagya Prakash.  

S. Annamalai

MADURAI: Wednesday is the day in which to care for your pets.

By taking extra precautions to protect the animals you love, you will indeed be protecting yourself, your family and your neighbourhood.

July 6 is World Zoonosis Day, a day meant for vaccination against the deadly disease rabies.

The Assistant Director of Animal Husbandry, K. Kaja Mohideen, says zoonatic diseases are those diseases and infections that are naturally transmitted between human beings and animals.

Rabies is a classic `zoonosis.'

The Department of Animal Husbandry, in association with Indian Immunologies, is organising `free anti-rabies vaccination camps' at Veterinary Polyclinic near Gandhi Museum in Madurai and Veterinary Dispensary near Palanganatham bus stand also in Madurai on Wednesday between 8 a.m. and 12 noon.

Dogs can be good companions, but, unfortunately, they are the potential source of rabies, a lethal disease, warns Dr. Mohideen.

Taking care of a dog does not only involve grooming, feeding and loving your best companion, but also taking care to see that your pet is vaccinated against all diseases.

Because if a dog is not vaccinated, it will not only kill your beloved pet but will also put you (the owners) at risk.

Get them vaccinated on Wednesday at the two places mentioned earlier.

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