A `beautiful' contest

Anurithi Chitheru - winning smile. Photo: N. Sridharan

Anurithi Chitheru - winning smile. Photo: N. Sridharan  

What are the three things you value most in life?''

Well, if you think this is a question asked by an ethical sub-committee of a democratic body inquiring into the practices of a software giant, you are wrong.

The question was posed to Deepa, Aru, Amenda, Archana Asrani, Marita D'Souza, Anju Anand, Nolana DeMellow, Divya, Radhika Lakshmi Venugopal, Pavithra, Anurithi Chitheru and Divya Subramanian, the 12 young girls who made it to the `Miss Chennai 2001' finals held at the lawns of Guindy Lodge, Madras Race Club organised by VIBA on Saturday.

As you can make out, the answer to the question was not uniform; that did not matter. In fact, the results showed us that even the question did not matter. Well, that was part of the `motions' that make a contest of this nature; it needed a question and so there was a question. That's all. Period.

Now the answers: Aru said - my family, self respect and success, pat came the answer. Amenda, another contestant said it was family and religion, patience and human life. Well once again majority of the girls clearly voted to indicate that they value their family most.

The first round was an introductory round, wherein details on the participants - their vital statistics, interests, qualifications and extracurricular activities - were explained in detail by Mr Neelu, who compered the show.

But thanks to a high-decibel background music, no one heard much. Almost 50 per cent of the `Miss Chennai' contestants have already had some distinction or the other and this was yet another opportunity to add one more feather. After the introductions, the Hot Shoe dance company swirled and twisted to create - what they claimed - `Indo-fusion' in black and white.

Of the twelve, six were selected and asked to answer another question `Temptation is an inclination to do evil - do you agree or disagree'. The participants were asked to write down their answers in a paper within 180 seconds.

The contestants were also selected for the categories - Miss Charming, Miss Congeniality, Miss Popular Face, and so on.

Among those in the panel of judges were actress Suhasini Maniratnam, film producer G. Venkateswaran of GV Films, film director Suresh Krissna, and Mr Bernt Johnson, Vice Consul, American Consulate.

Well, it is time to select the two runner ups and the Miss Chennai 2001. Time 10-30 p.m., when the crown adorned the 22-year-old Ms.Anurithi Chitheru and even before it was officially announced, the audience shouted her name.

- By P. Oppili

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