Writ petition seeks permission to distribute relief materials

To victims of both groups affected by the Watrap caste clash incident

A writ petition has been filed in the Madras High Court Bench here seeking permission for a group of non-governmental organisations to distribute relief materials to the members of two caste groups which clashed at W. Pudupatti, a hamlet near Watrap in Virudhunagar district on July 25 leading to the death of one Dalit.

In his petition, C.J. Rajan, Director, People's Watch, a NGO based here, said that his organisation had sent a fact finding team to the village immediately after learning about the caste clash.

The team found that many families had lost their livelihood because most of the male members had left the hamlet.

Hence, it was decided to provide relief materials to the victims through a few other NGOs.

A representation was made to the Virudhunagar Collector on July 28 seeking permission to distribute the materials.

But the Collector refused permission on the ground that it might cause breach to peace and disturbance to public tranquillity. Therefore, the present petition had been filed claiming that the distribution would be a very peaceful process and it could be monitored by the police.

The relief material reportedly included 10 kg of rice and 2 kg Dhal (gram) to 115 families belonging to both caste groups. Cooking utensils worth Rs.700 for the families whose houses were damaged during the clash was also part of the relief materials planned to be given to the victims.

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