Workshop on otology

Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: About 150 ENT surgeons from India and abroad attended a workshop in the city on Saturday to learn about the advances in middle ear surgeries.

Hosted by KKR ENT Hospital and Research Institute, the two-day meeting on the advances in otology featured live surgical procedures to help delegates understand treatments for ear ailments.

Hospital chairman K.K. Ramalingam said 20 doctors were performing the procedures under the supervision of senior surgeons. Besides lectures and discussions on treatment for nerve deafness and ear discharge, 14 surgeries would be performed in these two days.

He said parents should be made aware of the ear health of children, as 10 per cent of school students developed ailments such as fluid collection and ear discharge. Constant cleaning of the ears could also damage the ear drums, he added.

Stapedectomy was a simple procedure to remove the abnormal growth of the bone in the walls of the inner ear and mastoidectomy was to treat the infected part of the bone behind the ear.