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Bharathiar University Vice-Chancellor G. Thiruvasagam has announced that undergraduate and post-graduate students of the university and its affiliated colleges will be allowed to work part-time within the campus. This, he believes, will develop in the youth the urge to earn while they learn.

“Students can work for 25 to 30 hours a month starting from July. There is no restriction on the number of hours and the jobs can be taken up as per their convenience. The payment for an hour will be Rs. 25 which will enable them to earn up to Rs. 750 a month,” says the Vice-Chancellor.

The university will employ approximately 1,250 students in the university and its 145 affiliated colleges. Academic performance and economic strata of the students will be considered before giving them preference. Students can choose from the following: research associate, technician, library associate, website and database developer, administrative assistant, counsellor, physical education trainer, hostel housekeeper, gardener and driver.

Mr. Thiruvasagam says the programme, which has already been implemented in the university, will make the students feel responsible, understand work culture and also help reduce financial burden on parents. Chinese students who are pursuing their studies at the university have also expressed their desire to work part-time.

He has also allotted an additional 10 per cent seats in all courses for colleges in rural and hilly areas. This is aimed at helping students who reside in remote areas and are required to travel long distance to the city to study in a college. The additional expenditure in terms of travel or hostel charges can be avoided.

The university has instructed its affiliated colleges to offer 10 free seats for deserving students. Except the examination fee, the candidates need not pay a single rupee. Candidates should be, either orphans, widows, wards of widows, individuals from families having income less than Rs. 2,000 a month, or from poor agricultural families.

These measures, along with the scholarships, can be expected to reduce the financial burden slightly. Engineering, medical, and arts and science colleges alike have scholarships that are extended to the socio-economically backward. Besides those based on community, there are those ones based on sports, some instituted by philanthropists, by college alumni, some memorial scholarships, a few instituted for those with disabilities, etc.

A sum of Rs. 112 crore has been allocated in this State Budget for school and college scholarships for students belonging to Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes, Denotified Communities, and Adi Dravidar and Tribal Communities.There are a few scholarships that are based purely on merit. There are few for first generation literates and graduates. There is also one for the single girl child who pursues a post-graduate course.

Getting to know such details before paying up this year’s course fee in college will definitely find many students ending up saving a few thousands. A part-time job added to this saving will definitely help smoothen out that dent in the monthly budget.

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