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M.K. Ajith Kumar M. Rajaram Unni Nair

M.K. Ajith Kumar M. Rajaram Unni Nair  

M. Rajaram, Commissioner of Tourism:

The brand of ‘Enchanting Tamil Nadu – Experience Yourself’ has caught on well both among domestic and foreign tourists. Besides hill stations, temple tours, spiritual, heritage and medical tourism are popular among the tourists. Special promotions, campaigns and participations in the world travel marts are a shot in the arm for overall tourism promotion.

M.K. Ajith Kumar, vice-president (Sales and Marketing), Hi-Tours:

Earlier, when it came to summer holidays, people used to have a mental block about travelling abroad. Now, there is no demarcation between domestic and international travel. Now, a trip to north India can cost as much as a trip to South-East Asia. The distinction between a holiday in India and a foreign holiday has collapsed.

Unni Nair, frequent traveller:

I like to visit places that are beautiful and offer adventure. I love to swim, trek and climb mountains. Travel and stay arrangements have become easier with the Internet but hotels and resorts are, no doubt, expensive. When it comes to remote places, it is great if you find accommodation in government inspection bungalows or panchayat buildings.

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