Water level in Periyar dam static

Staff Reporter

Despite regular release of sizable quantum for irrigation of first crop

THENI: Despite regular release of sizable quantum of water from the Periyar dam for irrigation of first crop of the double cropping area in the Cumbum valley, water level in the dam remains static, thanks to moderate rainfall owing to on set of southwest monsoon in time.

At present, dam has started receiving water from its catchments.

Inflow to the dam was 336 cusecs. Public Works Department engineers have stepped up release from the dam and the discharge was 350 cusecs.

“If the rainfall in the catchments increases, it will soon cross its permissible level of 136 feet,” according to PWD officials.

The south west monsoon would continue for months. With no additional storage facility except the Vaigai dam, the entire storage above 136 feet would automatically drain through 13 outlets that are open, owing to stiff protest from the Kerala government despite favourable Supreme Court decree that authorised Tamil Nadu to increase storage level to 142 feet.

Meanwhile, agriculture activities were in full swing in the Cumbum valley as farmers have started raising nurseries. Farmers have expressed their grave concern over delay in completion of 18th canal project head works, as it will disrupt large quantum of discharge from the dam in next 20 or 25 days. “We need more water to execute transplantation work.”

Vaigai dam

With comfortable discharge from the Vaigai dam for irrigation of crop in Madurai and Dindigul districts, the storage level has gone down by two feet within 10 days in the dam. Now, the water level in the dam stood at 67.19 feet. Inflow was nil. About 741 cusecs has been released for irrigation and for drinking water supply to Madurai city.

Rain fall recorded at various places on Tuesday in mm: Periyar 24, Thekkadi 14, Goodalur 12.04, Uthamapalayam 12 and Shanmuganadhi 3. There was no rain at Veerapandi and Vaigai dam.