Wasteland to be made cultivable

Special Correspondent

Owners of lands remaining fallow for five years are eligible

TIRUVANNAMALAI: The Tamil Nadu Government has offered to convert the fallow (or waste) land of patta-holding small and marginal farmers into cultivable land under its scheme of distributing two acres of land free of cost to the families of landless agricultural labourers in Tiruvannamalai district. Only those owners of lands, which remained fallow for five years and more, could avail themselves of the scheme.

Under the scheme, activities such as formation of bunds, removal of stones and bushes, levelling of land, digging of deep borewells, soil testing and installation of motorised pumpsets would be carried out.

Marginal farmers having dry land up to 2.5 acres or wetland up to 1.5 acres and small farmers having 2.5 to five acres of dry land or 1.5 to 2.5 acres of wetland alone are eligible to benefit.

According to a release issued by Tiruvannamalai Collector Satyabrata Sahoo, small and marginal farmers, who are having pattas for their wasteland, should apply to the respective tahsildars, furnishing information such as survey number, area of the land and the type of upgradation that is required.

The tahsildars would scrutinise applications, ascertain the status of the farmers (small or marginal) and the duration for which the land remained fallow and send their recommendations to the Joint Director of Agriculture.

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