Waste management effective: corporation

Participatory Committees formed in 28 wards

The Corporation's solid waste management is effective in the model wards where segregation of waste in houses and door-to-door collection were being done, according to Corporation Commissioner Anshul Mishra.

Conservancy workers had been provided training in sensitising the people to the need for segregation.

The training was also in effective door-to-door collection.

“We have no complaints from these areas,” the Commissioner said in order to assert that the primary collection model in these wards was successful.

While this formed the first phase of the implementation of the Rs.96-crore Integrated Solid Waste Management Project, the second was an intensive awareness drive across the city. The Corporation had roped in the Centre for Environment Education, a non-Governmental organisation, for this purpose.

As a first step, Ward Participatory Committees had been formed in 28 of the 72 Corporation wards in the city.

Consisting of the representatives from various fields and the ward councillor, these committees would oversee the implementation of the programme and ensure total involvement of every one in each ward.

After all the wards were covered under the campaign for the segregation and the storage of biodegradable waste and the non-biodegradable in separate bins, efforts would be made to teach people the process to convert the biodegradable waste to manure at home.

The Corporation would purchase 2.5 lakh pairs of additional bins, in addition to the 2.29 lakh pairs bought already.

Each house would be provided with one green bin to store biodegradable waste and a white bin for the non-biodegradable.

Earlier, the bins were distributed on the basis of the number of Property Tax assessments in the city. A fresh survey was done as the actual demand was more.

Now, the total requirement had been put at 4.5 lakh pairs.

  • Conservancy workers given training
  • Intensive awareness drive carried out

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