Vital link road full of potholes

The condition of Sarojini Street, a vital stretch connecting Ramnagar with the arterial Dr. Nanjappa Road is a mess.

A pit first dug for laying internet lines and then another for telephone cable repairs have turned into a nightmare for vehicle users on a portion of the street that is close to the main road.

“A month has gone by since the pit was first dug at night by using an earthmover. This portion has not been re-laid properly and as I speak now three cars in a row have bumped into each other,” Ravishankar, a resident on this street for close to two decades said on Wednesday.

“This is not just one instance. Such collisions occur throughout the day every day,” he said.

“And, this is because the haphazardly filled pit leaves a narrow space for vehicle movement,” he said.

Sarojini Street is the only alternative route to reach Dr. Nanjappa Road if people did not want to take Avanashi Road Flyover and North Coimbatore Flyover.

Many vehicles from R.S. Puram and areas beyond it take this road to reach Gandhipuram and Avanashi Road.

“Yet, there is no effort to ensure a smooth ride on this stretch,” Mr. Ravishankar lamented.

A Coimbatore Corporation official clarified that the first pit was not dug for drinking water lines, as was suspected by the residents.

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