Varsity making anthrax vaccine

Special Correspondent

It is also preparing vaccines against diseases afflicting fowls

VELLORE: The Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University is preparing a vaccine against the anthrax disease, Vice-Chancellor N. Balaraman said on Saturday.

Addressing journalists here, he said the anthrax spores causing the disease existing in a dormant form would become active and attack cattle head after heavy rain. When the unwary owners or others opened the carcass, they too were infected. Whenever cattle head died, the owners should contact a veterinarian.

The university was also preparing vaccines against the diseases afflicting the fowls. It had already made a vaccine containing three virus varieties against the blue tongue disease, using the funds from the Indian Council for Agricultural Research.

Local problems

The university was concentrating on finding solutions to the local problems of farmers through research and extension centres.

Realising the importance of quality animal feeds, the university started a unit to produce mineral mixture, which, when added to animal feeds, constituted nutritious food.

The university sold 30-50 kg every month.

Student intake

Asked whether there was any proposal to start another veterinary college in the State, Dr. Balaraman said while the university's total intake for B.V.Sc. was 220 a year (140 in the Madras Veterinary College and 80 in the Veterinary College, Namakkal), it suggested that during the 11th Plan, the intake could be spread uniformly throughout the State by allocating some seats to a new veterinary college that could be started in one of the southern districts.